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 People often ask me, "What is Petrified Imaging?" So here's what it means to me:


AMBER is Petrified tree resin(sap). And if your lucky you'll find pieces of earth or insects or both within. Freezing them in time. Amber is an organic Gem many carry with them. Which to me is what I do by photographing the things I value, for whatever reason my eye is drawn to the subject. Because i value my time and all that exists within it. The "Good" the "Bad" the "UGly" and the "Beautiful". And what it is to be good, bad, ugly, and beautiful has different meaning for us all. Our perceptions are all different. It's not about understanding. It's about connecting and being open minded. To be fearless. I have personally experienced, lived and seen many sides to this World.  My Art is created by piecing together only images I have personally photographed. Bits of my life. Photography for me is documenting. Petrified Imaging is my life, my experiences and my perspective. It's ME.





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